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Good News!! We have more "No-Sugar Added" products in the Hei Hwang family. They are Hei Hwang Powder, Pure Black Fungus Powder, Black Fungus Jujube with Ginger. We too have the In-Trends product :Teh Halia, a Taiwan Ginger Tea with Black sugar, that helps to relieve cold, flu and bloatedness in the stomach. Get it online now, free delivery with $60 of purchase.

Please be informed that our Coffee King has stopped production and there is no stock for the moment. Manufacturer is in the midst to change formula so that it taste better. We are also glad to inform you that our 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 and Cuppuncinno coffee has added Microground coffee for a more bitter and stronger coffee aroma. Drink it Hot or Cold to your liking.

Dear valued Hei Hwang customers, due to many factors like products ingredients, labour cost, transport cost and manufacturing cost have increased, our supplier Hei Hwang has increased our price a few times over the past years. We have been absorbing the price increase in the past, we are sorry to inform that we have to increase the retail price now under the present situation. Hope you will support Hei Hwang products and continue to purchase online through this website for your convenience.

Dear valued customer, please note that the manufacturer has stopped production for Old Ginger Milk tea. Coming next product stop production will be Barley Oat Milk Powder. So hurry, grab your Barley Oat Milk now online if you like this drink.

Dear valued customers, for those who have registered with us previously, please register again. Your membership level will be adjusted base on our sales record. Thank you!